No such thing as bad weather

29 January 2018

SIG: Digital Imaging Thames Valley

Tony Worobiec left the DIG Thames Valley audience in no doubt that all forms of weather provide opportunities for photography. A familiar face to many in the world of photography, Tony is a great advocate of the term “practice what you preach”. In a series of entertaining presentations Tony illustrated with his photographs how he works to match the subject matter and weather to produce powerful images.

Many are familiar with his photographs of the American Plains and Route 66 so it was interesting to see his approach to photographing landscapes closer to home. Tony emphasized the value of choosing locations close to home, allowing the photographer to easily revisit the subject when conditions are just right. Highlighting the value of dark skies, mist and low-light for adding to the drama of an image Tony provided an insight into how he has mastered the art of seeing potential in even the most severe of conditions. Many of the images shown feature in his latest book "Photographing Landscape; Whatever the Weather".

The development of digital sensors capable of shooting images at extreme ISO settings has led to a broadening of the range of subjects that can be photographed at night. Tony demonstrated how using ISO settings up to 12,000 has allowed him to capture shadow free landscapes that defy the viewer to believe they were not photographed during daylight hours. For many who enjoy the challenge of a sunrise or sunset, Tony suggested turning our backs to the rising or setting sun to photograph the softly illuminated landscape often overlooked by many. No doubt many audience members will now be venturing out after dark to try out some of Tony's suggested techniques. Thank you Tony for an excellent day.

Read Tony's blog to find out more about shooting landscape in bad weather HERE