Travel photography - planning for success

24 May 2018

SIG: Digital Imaging Thames Valley

On Sunday 20 May, Matt Parry gave the DIG Thames Valley meeting in Wokingham an entertaining insight into his approach to travel photography. It was clear from the start that little is left to chance when he is planning a trip. With experience of visiting over 55 countries, Matt was able to advise on how to get the most out of a photographic trip, be it close to home or farther afield.

Of particular interest was the way Matt uses technology to assist with planning. Researching locations on Google Earth and using photographers apps to find the best time of day for a shoot, where just two of many practices he described, whilst showing examples of photographs that owed their success to effective pre-planning.

Keen to stress that planning should allow space for exploring and discovery, Matt put forward the idea that sometimes it's good to 'get lost'! Getting of the beaten track can often create opportunities for images that capture the 'real' culture of a country behind the tourist trail facade. People play a key role in Matt's photography and he was keen to stress the value of communication between photographer and subject, developing a rapport and mutual respect. The importance of this relationship was clear to see in his photographs from a recent visit to India.

During the afternoon session Matt spoke about techniques and workflow. Keen on long exposure cityscapes, he described his approach to selecting viewpoints and gave some useful advice on camera settings and image processing.

Finishing the day with 'ten top tips', he gave the audience plenty of ideas and inspiration to work with.

Thank you Matt for a great day.

See An Indian Adventure, Matt's latest travel video for Wex Photo Video here

Author: Chris Tank - DIG Thames Valley