High Tides in the Thames Valley

27 October 2018

SIG: Digital Imaging Thames Valley

Rachael Talibart is not the first visiting speaker to DIG Thames Valley to promote the value of regularly revisiting a location to realise the full potential for photography. Practising what she preaches she is known to head for the coast up to five days a week. Her description of the practical challenges faced when photographing storms Brian and Imogen at Newhaven highlighted a level of suffering for one's art that deserves an award regardless of the images captured.

A multi award winner known for her coastal photography, Rachael explained that she is looking for the artistic not the representational image and is keen to avoid the obvious classic view in well-photographed locations. She encouraged the audience to identify the iconic image for a given location and work hard to avoid following the pack. A winner of Black and White Photographer of the Year 2018, Rachael described her preference for previewing monochrome images on-site. Identifying moody, atmosperic or graphic subjects suitable for recording in monochrome and shooting as much in camera to reduce the need for extensive post-processing.

With no shortage of images to share, Rachael left the audience in no doubt that the shore is indeed 'limitless'.


Following lunch, Rachael judged the annual Millennium Cup print competition. The competition entries illustrated the broad range of subjects and diverse interests of the DIG Thames Valley attendees. Congratulations to Marilyn Taylor FSWPP ARPS who won the trophy for the second year running, 2nd place Lesley Taylor LRPS CPAGB, 3rd place David Pearson ARPS and the four certificate winners listed below.

1st place - Ibis Approaching  by Marilyn Taylor FSWPP ARPS
2nd place - Cub with Topi skull by Lesley Taylor LRPS CPAGB
3rd place - Misty Beach by David Pearson ARPS

Highly Commended
Feverfew Daisies in Ice by Veronica Barrett FRPS
Lucia by Alan G Edwards LRPS
Anemone de Caen by Janice Payne ARPS
Brimstone by Alan Bousfield ARPS

Marilyn Taylor receiving her award from Rachael Talibart

Author: Chris Tank - DIG Thames Valley
Event photography by Marilyn Taylor ARPS