Smile, It's Dave Mason

20 September 2018

SIG: Digital Imaging Thames Valley

Smile, it's Dave Mason!

When asked for an artist's statement for a gallery exhibition, Dave Mason wrote one word, 'smile'. His explanation was simply that he wanted the viewers to enjoy his photographs. On Sunday 16th September the TVDIG audience in Wokingham not only enjoyed his photographs but were also entertained by his humorous recollections of where and how his images were captured.

Be warned, a day spent with Dave and his photos involves a lot of smiling. Specialising in 'street photography' Dave has a talent for seeing potential in situations that many of us would miss. His images show the quirky, often humourous relationships that occur between people and the world around them.

Describing his approach to street photography Dave showed an image featuring graffiti saying 'Something Wonderful Will Happen' and explained that the phrase accurately summed up a technique that he uses regularly. Identifying a location, often with a promising backdrop of signage, street furniture or graffiti, Dave will wait for 'something to happen'. With examples featuring colour harmony, pattern, humour, good timing and strong narrative, Dave illustrated the techniques that can be used to create a successful 'street' photograph. He has a self-deprecating style of presentation belying his skill and experience.

In addition to the photography of Dave Mason, attendees had the opportunity to view the successful ARPS print panel of John Jennings ARPS. A regular at Wokingham, John had spoken about his work earlier in the year prior to gaining his Distinction.

Author: Chris Tank - DIG Thames Valley

Event photography by Marilyn Taylor ARPS