Committee for DVJ

The DVJ Committee Comprises of:


Chairman: Mo Connelly LRPS

Retired from the UN refugee agency after a career as a workaholic, frequently living in a tent on remote borders in troubled regions.   Have now achieved my work-life balance by getting a life after work.   What do I like?   Photography, photographers, being at home, travelling and people who respect human rights.   What do I dislike? The fact that I am becoming a grumpy old woman and actually enjoying it.


Committee member:  Cheryl Meek LRPS:

Cheryl was a latecomer to photography, however, in the last 3 years photography has become a serious passion. During these 3 years Cheryl has dedicated her time to learning and developing her distinctive style, which features a strong leaning towards Black & White images which emphasise the shape, form and emotion.  Cheryl specialises in Street and Urban photography as well as Landscape and Seascapes.

Treasurer: Justin Cliffe



Secretary: Wan Shun Fan