Historical Group visit to Pitt Rivers Museum Photographic Collection, Oxford

13 February 2017

SIG: Historical

The Historical Group visited the Pitt Rivers Museum's Photographic Collection on 7th February 2017.  Starting with a view of two exhibitions, Sheila Paine’s embroidery, and photographs from Holub’s South African Exposition, 1892, with commentary by Curator Philip Grover, we quickly progressed to an inspection of the temperature controlled archive stores.  Moving on to the Research Room we were invited to examine a range of material including examples from Wilfred Thesinger’s travel archive, the anthropological work of Carl and Frederick Damman as well as examples selected from other archives, including stereographs from the Hottot archive. A. Robert Hottot (1884-1939), was a French explorer and collector, who at the beginning of the twentieth century made several notable discoveries for African ethnography.

Philip also conducted a helpful tutorial on using the Museum digital collection.


Photo credit: Gilly Read FRPS