Committee Members


Pauline Benbrook LRPS - secretary

I have enjoyed photography since my retirement from the NHS, and joined the Royal Photographic Society after being awarded my LRPS in 2012.

My passion is landscape photography, I just love being out in the fresh air in all weather experiencing that moment when you know it's right to press the shutter capturing the atmosphere of beautiful landscapes. To further my interest in black and white photography I am one of the founder members of the Essex Monochrome Group.



 Arron Davis - treasurer

I took up photography seriously in October 2015, when I joined the Mid Somerset Camera Club, which is a great club. I have always been drawn to the great outdoors and soon realised that landscapes and seascapes are my main interests in photography. Having learned of the RPS and its distinctions through the club, I recently joined the RPS, and the Landscape Group, with the aim of achieving an LRPS.




 Peter Douglas Jones ARPS - committee member

I live in south Wales and, specifically, Gower. My associateship was spun out of my Three Corners of Gower, published in 1997: landscape shots taken in the peninsula on medium format transparency film. (An unexpected frisson of pleasure was to be had from the British High Commissioner presenting the government of the Sultanate of Brunei with a copy.) I have been slow to assimilate the new technology, although the flight of birds is very much an interest of mine and only possible by the digital route. I spent my working life keeping out of prison those who, by rights, should have been there; and I am now retired.



Richard Ellis LRPS - chair 

After receiving my first SLR as an 18th birthday present I was hooked on photography and it has been an interest of mine ever since. With family commitments diminishing I have found myself drawn back to landscape photography both for the joy of making an image and of just being outdoors in wonderful light.

I enjoy all types of landscape photography but recently have spent a lot of time exploring the Highlands and islands of Scotland.



 Mark Reeves LRPS - events manager

I really enjoy seeing modern art (though that doesn't mean I like it all!) and I try to combine this interest with my photography.  Although I had my own dark room back in the '80s, I subsequently spent 20 years only taking holiday snapshots and family pics and only became "seriously" interested in photography in 2009.  Since then I've concentrated almost exclusively on landscapes and cityscapes. 

I grew up in Fife, lived in London for (far too) many years and now live on the Wirral coast.  In 2015 decided to retire early from full-time work and embark on a BA course in photography with the Open College of the Arts in the hope of discovering my hidden creativity.  As well as studying, I also work as a freelance photography tutor.



 Jim Souper ARPS - publications manager

My love of the landscape started with a school trip to the Lake District and has been with me ever since. Though I have taken photographs for as long as I can remember, it is only over the last 15 years that it has become a true passion.

The majority of my work is digital, but I also enjoy pinhole photography. I was able to take time out from the day job to study for a degree in photography between 2006 and 2009, which was a great opportunity to try medium and large format analogue photography.

Based in West Yorkshire, my favourite locations are the Yorkshire Dales, the Lake District and the Isle of Skye.