Image in a bottle?

07 December 2016

SIG: Landscape

Image (c) Christoffer Relander

Finnish photographer Christoffer Relander has recently been collecting landscapes in jars!  Being an analogue photographer, he creates his images by means of double exposures (i.e. there is no digital manipulation).

He says " I play with the idea of being an ambitious collector; conserving my environments into a large personal collection. Most landscapes are from where I grew up, on the countryside in the south of Finland, where my roots still lie. Separation anxiety to my childhood is simply what absorbed me into this project."

To see more images visit Relander's website at

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Emily Mathisen
07 December 2016

I think this is so beautifully executed and such a lovely image. What a nice idea to capture your favourite landscape forever - it would be so nice to have a host of these jars on my desk!

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