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How to make a groundpod!

How to make a landscape photographer's must have item.

Added by SIG: Landscape on 04 Jan 2017

5 Advanced Techniques to Show Every Detail in Your Landscape Photos

A useful article for those who don't mind spending a bit of time with PhotoShop....

Added by SIG: Landscape on 01 Jan 2017

David Clapp - Professional Landscape Photography Unveiled

An event organised by the DIG group - but of interest to landscape group members.

Added by SIG: Landscape on 27 Dec 2016

How to do..... perspective blending

A short video tutorial on a useful technique for landscape photographers.

Added by SIG: Landscape on 26 Dec 2016

Landscape Group December newsletter now published

It's a corker this month!

Added by SIG: Landscape on 21 Dec 2016

New sharing and critiquing site for Landscape group members

The landscape group announces the launch of its sharing and critiquing page.

Added by SIG: Landscape on 19 Dec 2016

The world's most beautiful airports

Photographs of some of the world's most beautiful airport buildings.

Added by SIG: Landscape on 17 Dec 2016

Image in a bottle?

Anyone looking for new ideas to try with landscapes might be interested in this...

Added by SIG: Landscape on 07 Dec 2016

Wise words about critiquing....

Elizabeth Roberts, Editor of Black + White Photography Magazine shares her thoughts about critiquing photographic work

Added by SIG: Landscape on 04 Dec 2016

Are mobile phones good for landscape photography?

Most of us, at some time, can't be bothered carrying our full camera kit and so resort to using our mobile phones when we come across a "not-to-be-missed" scene. But is that such a bad thing?

Added by SIG: Landscape on 28 Nov 2016