Members' Exhibition Discs and Exhibition Award Winners

Exhibition Disc

The Nature Group's 2019 Exhibition disc contains PC and MAC shows for all Prints acceptances, and all Digital acceptances, with both set to music and running automatically.  These are the same as the Entrant disc.

In addition, the following shows have been included to allow clubs to select the type/length of show they want:

  • All awarded prints
  • All awarded digital
  • All accepted Category A prints
  • All accepted Category B prints
  • All accepted Category A digital
  • All accepted Category B digital
  • All accepted images for the Tony Wharton Award

Also, to allow clubs to spend time discussing images if they want to, without moving off the image they are discussing, versions of the shows (apart from the TW one) have been set up with no music and with manual control, so images only advance when the mouse or keyboard is used.

The 2019 Exhibition disc is now available for sale at £10 from the RPS Shop.


Exhibition Award Winners

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