Field trip to Ryewater Nursery 4th July 2019

12 August 2019

SIG: Nature

The day was led by John Bebbington FRPS, with kind permission from the site owner, Clive Farrell.

Ryewater is a private nature reserve of around 100 acres, with ponds, scrapes where the topsoil was removed and bunds. The reserve is home to a very wide range of plants and invertebrates. The day was attended by 9 NG members and one non-member, mostly from Somerset and Dorset, but one from Wiltshire and another from Derbyshire who happened to be in the area on business.

We set off for the ponds in the morning, hoping for dragonflies and damselflies, but these were few and far between - the first pond (‘The Eye’) had dried up completely in the 2018 drought. There were however a couple of 4th install Puss Moth larvae on a poplar whip. One female Emperor Dragonfly provided some entertainment but at the large pond the few dragonflies were flying fast and not very close.


Back to the shelter of a shed for lunch, then out into the scrapes looking at butterflies and wild flowers. We saw the first Brimstones of the season - too far away - and Meadow Browns, Marbled Whites and a few rather tattered Common Blues.


By 3.30 pm we were all suffering from the heat and decided to quit!


Thanks to everyone who attended; I hope to repeat the day in more amenable weather conditions next year!

John Bebbington

Images: Header: Four-Spotted Chaser by David Edwards

Text: Common Darter ©Sue Howard, Emerald Damselfly ©David Edwards.Male Marbled White underside ©John Hankin,Female Marbled White underside ©John Hankin,Cerambycid beetle ©Geoff Hughes,Puss Moth 4th instar larva by Geoff Hughes