Trips Diary

The Travel Group Committee is always striving to arrange ever-more exciting events and trips aimed at the travel photographer. Details of forthcoming events and trips, and how to book, can be found on the Travel Group website in the Events Section and here is a summary to date:





27-30 March

Mid and North Wales




28th May - 11th June  



Brazil - Off the Beaten Track




(P) indicates proposed but not yet finalised and/or not yet on the Events page. As some trips will not take place unless there are sufficient numbers, please let Trip Co-ordinator Keith Pointon know at if you have an interest.

So where do you want to go next? The Committee is always keen to learn of new places to visit, particularly from members who are interested in organizing such events in their Region, or further afield ....






NOTE - A link to a non-Society site or notice of a third party trip or event does not imply endorsement.