First and foremost, visit the Distinctions Section of the RPS website for inspiration, ideas, advice and help on how to apply.

Here are some Travel related materials which have also proved useful to those who have already attained a Distinction -




Licentiateship Article

Richard Coulstock (LRPS)


Adrian Hough LRPS Portfolio

Chelin Miller LRPS Panel

Michael Kingston LRPS Panel

John Curgenven LRPS Panel





Travel Associateship Article

Richard Lewis (ARPS)


Travel Photography Article

Leo Palmer FRPS - Travel Panel Chair

Travel Article

Leo Palmer FRPS - Travel Panel Chair

Andrew Eio ARPS​ Panel

Lesley Treloar​ ARPS Panel

Richard Lewis ARPS​ Panel

Richard Watts ARPS​ Panel





Travel Fellowship Article

Hazel & James Frost (FRPS)

Yap Kok Hing FRPS​ Panel

Steve Smith FRPS​ Panel