What's New?

To find out what's new in the Travel Group Section of the Website you have to look up our Section and search through the Events and Blogs.

  If you prefer the much quicker and easier way of keeping up to date, our RSS url is http://www.rps.org/rss-feeds/travel-news

About RSS:

Really Simple Syndication is a web feed that is used to publish frequently updated material such as blogs, news headlines, audio, video, and so on in a standardised format. An RSS feed can contain either the full text of the material or a summarized version, as well as metadata, such as, publishing dates, and authorship.

RSS feeds allow publishers to syndicate content automatically. Conversely, website visitors can subscribe to these feeds and automatically receive updates from their favorite websites.

A Website visitor subscribes to a feed by using a function in his email software or by clicking an RSS icon which appears in most browsers and this initiates the subscription process. The RSS reader checks the user's subscribed feeds regularly to see if there are any updates and then downloads the updates that it finds, and provides the website visitor with an interface to monitor and read the feeds.



Also, by Liking and Following our Facebook Page you will have headlines about our latest events and blogs delivered automatically to your Facebook News Feed with a direct link to the details here on the Travel Group Section of the RPS website.

Over half of the UK population use Facebook so it's worth taking a look if only to tell your friends about us.

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