RPS Travel Group Facebook Cover Photo

04 August 2014

SIG: Travel

Our latest Facebook Cover Photo is from Peter Lee ARPS, a member of the RPS Travel Group in Malaysia.

More of Peter's work can be seen in the RPS Gallery.

We are always looking for more Travel Photos to feature - why not send one of yours (850px x 315px) to travel@rps.org.

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John Curgenven
05 August 2014

An interesting comment Raju. Do remember that photography, like all art, is subjective so what is "better" for you might not be "better" for someone else.

If you have some of your work in the gallery or elsewhere and would like to receive comments about it then do let us know.

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Raju Sinha
04 August 2014

It is a magazine shot. The sky is beautifully captured. But as a member of RPS with no distinction I have taken better picture than this.

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