Travel Image of the Month - January 2016

01 January 2016

SIG: Travel

This month's Travel Image of the Month is selected from an Album by Andrzej Wodzinski and is from his recent trip to Italy.



Andrzej​ is from Canada Chapter

and more of his work can be seen in the Gallery.



Have you added an album to the gallery this month? Each month one of the new images is selected as our "Travel Image of the Month". It becomes our Facebook Cover Image, is featured in our Exhibition Slideshow and is added to our Website Main page.

Comments (2)

John Curgenven
01 January 2016

I like the composition and the choice of monochrome has drawn my eye across the marina and the city to rest on the volcano without competing with it.

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01 January 2016

I think that this is a very nicely composed image. There is a beautiful balance between the sky, mountains(?) building and marina. An interesting feature are the boats going into the gap below the right hand tree.
I do wonder whether this would be improved in colour.Many of the moored boats are of a similar tone and the use of colour might have added an added contrast.

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