About Us

The Visual Art Group’s activities encourage both traditional and contemporary interpretation of a wide variety of subject matter, from still-life, landscape and architecture, to portraiture and macro-photography.

All members receive ‘Visual Art’, the high quality magazine of the Group.  This primarily focuses on the work of members of the Group and regularly features successful distinctions.

The Group holds an annual print exhibition which is shown at various locations around the U.K., including for the duration of the Edinburgh Festival.  It also operates several portfolios where images are exchanged with fellow members for comment.

In addition, meetings are organised and continue to be developed in conjunction with the Society’s regions and other Special Interest Groups, such as the weekend in Torquay, November 2012, co-ordinated with the South West Region and the Travel Group.  We believe this is the way forward for the Group and the Society!

We are also very keen to set up Visual Art sub-groups around the country so that members can be sure that events that are not too far for them to travel.  We have a flourishing South West Visual Art Group, and others are in the pipeline.

Annual membership:  £12