Postal and E-mail Portfolios

The riding on the wall by Andreas Klatt ARPS

Five Email Circles and Two Postal Print Portfolios run in the Visual Art Group.  Membership ranges between about 10 and 12.  Mailing pouches containing prints circulate about 6 times a year.  You put a print in the pouch with your information and/or technical description, and your fellow members comment on it as it reaches them.  Both chemical and digital prints are accepted.  The circles are self-regulating.  There are a few vacancies and, if you'd like to join, you would be made very welcome.

Five Email Portfolios run in the Visual Art Group.   Membership of each is about 8.  Members circulate images as jpgs by email in the first part of the month and all members email their comments before the end of that month.  There are strict rules to constrain sizes and to avoid viruses but otherwise it is very easy to belong.  All five circles have good viable numbers but we would welcome a few new faces.

It is free to join the postal or email circles, though in postal circles you bear the cost of your own postage. And, yes, you can join one of each if you wish.

Email circles are ideal for overseas members of the Visual Art Group to join.  So far, we have members from France, Cyprus, Germany, New Zealand and the USA.  For reasons of postal costs and delays, and the risk of losing the pouches of prints, the postal portfolios are restricted to UK-based members.

If you are interested in joining, email or write to me, giving your name, address and telephone number, and indicate whether you are interested in a Postal or Email portfolio, or both. If you have a question, just drop me an email to

Gill Dishart ARPS, Portfolios Secretary,

Address: 11 Far Croft, Breaston, Derbyshire, DE72 3HL