Rollright Visual Art Group

Caramel Water with Sand Pattern by Phil Brew

The Rollright Visual Art Group was formed to benefit photographers in central England, away from major metropolitan areas and the traditonal centres of activity. With its base in the north Cotswolds, amid four or five counties and four RPS regions, the group is open to RPS members and non-members from a wide catchment area. It is not affiliated to any of the regions and does not intend to impinge on the programmes of camera clubs which often favour competitions, but rather offers another location which some of us may find easier to access in order to meet other enthusiasts in an informal and friendly atmosphere. If you would be interested in joining the group please contact:
Andreas Klatt ARPS

Future Event:

Autumn Meeting: A day with Sam Gregory and Michael Butterworth LRPS

2 November 2019

10:00 - 16:00

A day with Sam Gregory and Michael Butterworth to discuss what makes a compelling landscape and how to beat the odds at live gigs.

RPS Member/Guest £13.00

Ploughman's Lunch £5.00

Winter Meeting - Members’ Day

22 February 2020

10:00 - 16:00

Another opportunity for you to show a selection of your work and offer it for general discussion in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

RPS Member/Guest £8.00

Ploughman's Lunch £5.00

All meetings are held in The Village Hall, Main Street, Long Compton, CV36 5JS

To book your place, please contact Andreas Klatt ARPS