Images taken by participants in the RPS Nature Group residential weekend 2013

Bilberry fruit and leaves ©Geoff Hughes ARPS 2013

Pyralid moth (Pyrausta purpuralis) ©Geoff Hughes ARPS 2013

Robin's Pincushion ©Geoff Hughes ARPS 2013

Devil's Matchsticks, Bog Mine - a spectacular lichen growing on lead mine spoil ©John Bebbington FPRS 2013

Eyebright flowers, Bog Mine - a hemiparasitic plant ©John Bebbington FRPS 2013

Grayling, Bog Mine - an abundant species on the lead spoil ©John Bebbington FRPS 2013

Phyllonorycter harrisella - a tiny micro-moth whose larva mines in Oak leaves ©John Bebbington FPRS 2013

Himalayam Balsam and Hoverfly ©IanMcevoy ARPS 2013

Residential weekend participants 1 ©IanMcevoy ARPS 2013

Residential weekend participants 2 ©IanMcevoy ARPS 2013

Emerald Damselfies paired © Mike Middleton ARPS

Emerald Damselfly © Mike Middleton ARPS

Female Meadow Grasshopper © Bev Ward LRPS

Wild Carrot fruiting head © Bev Ward LRPS

Ringlet butterfly © Bev Ward LRPS

Himalayan Balsam © Mike Middleton ARPS

Common Lizard © Maggie Finney ARPS 2013

Eyed Hawk moth larva © Maggie Finney ARPS 2013

Small Heath butterfly © Maggie Finney ARPS 2013

Common Blue Butterflies - mating pair © Sue McGarrigle LRPS

Common Darter © Sue McGarrigle LRPS

Yellowtail Moth © Sue McGarrigle LRPS

Blood vein Moth ©Krystyna Szuleicka.jpg

Eyebright in flower ©Krystyna Szuleicka.jpg

Female Common Blue butterfly nectaring ©Karel De Pauw.jpg

John Bebbington recording moth catch ©Krystyna Szuleicka.jpg

Juvenile grasshopper ©Karel De Pauw.jpg

September Thorn Moth ©Krystyna Szuleicka.jpg

Swallow Prominent Moth ©Karel De Pauw.jpg

BUFF TIP LAVAE Phalera bucephala ©James Foad LRPS.jpg

EYED HAWKMOTH LAVAE Smerinthus ocellata ©James Foad LRPS.jpg

LESSER SWALLOW PROMINENT Pheosia gnoma ©James Foad LRPS.jpg

SMALL TORTOISESHELL Aglas urticae ©James Foad LRPS.jpg

YELLOWTAIL MOTH Euproctis similis ©James Foad LRPS.jpg

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